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Agriculture Traceability - EU DR compliant

Helping small holders and larger cooperatives become compliant with EU DR powered by

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The App

Reinventing Traceability
Technology for EU DR compliance

Join other happy farmers

Become compliant with EU DR and alleviate pressure from small holders by using a combination of an easy-to-use mobile app for small holders and middle man and a desktop app for larger cooperatives.



Outstanding innovative agri-tech features

User friendliness

User friendly interface where small holders can create their plot and sell their produce only through a simple QR code. Larger companies can create automated EU DR reporting and manage their supply chain.

Can be used offline

The mobile app can be used offline only through GPS. And even that is not needed.

Satellite imagery

Validating all the locations and ownership proofs with satellite and OCR scanning.

How the App Works

Small holder

Let your small holders define your produce, triangulate your plot, prove your ownership, generate QR code, show it to the middleman, continue using the app and get rewarded!

Large processor

Manage your portfolio of suppliers through an online platform, generate mandatory EU DR reports.

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About Us

Our Story

Companies should focus on being more sustainable, not reporting

Companies should focus on making the world a more sustainable place, not reporting. Our aim is to help them by automating the process.


Following the strictest traceability requirements and regulations

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